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Lgbt+ punny earrings

Lgbt+ punny earrings

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These lgbt+ earrings are a subtle way to show your pride with the most common pun added as a charm. New variations will be added as I obtain charms. All are made on stailess steel (316) fishhook wires but can be requested with another closure or as clip-on.

If you need a more hypo-allergenic alternative, message me for a custom order as it may increase the list price.

The asexual ones are purple, black, grey, and white with either a silver cupcake charm or cross-stitch ace of spades. 2" drop

The bisexual earrings have blue, purple, and pink beads with the bicycle charm. 1.5" drop.

Pansexual earrings have pink, yellow, and blue beads with a frying pan charm or cross-stitch pancake charm. 1.25" drop.

Transgender earrings are blue, pink, and white with a butterfly charm. 2" drop.

Gay earrings are blue, green, and clear with alien silver charm. 1.5" drop.

Lesbian earrings are red, orange, white, pink, and purple with either bee or bean charms. About a 2" drop.

Philly pride earrings are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. They have brown glass and black seabeads twisted on wire around them to represent POC in the community. They come with silver unicorn charms. 2" drop.

Customization is available on ear wires, bead colours, and charms. Please note that some requests may delay shipping.

Materials: acrylic,metal alloy
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