Collection: About Us

Hello all! We have a penchant for the crafty side of life and are eclectic in nature. Our name isn't terribly inventive. My mom's name is spelt like "cat," so we named it after her, just in French because it's fun to say. However, the fact that it's spelt like "Chatty" makes it better, with her proclivity for socializing.

We started mostly because customized and tailored clothing is a passion of ours. Especially, as mass-produced clothing doesn't fit everyone - shape, gender, or mobility-wise. So our goal is to help others customize our products to fit them, in every way.  If there is an item you would like customized that you don't see an option for: reach out to us. We'd love to see what we can do. 

We are a genderless store. Whatever you wear, you should be comfortable purchasing and working it.

We believe there is no label on confidence.

Also, in our attempts to be environmentally friendly, packaging used to ship may be upcycled or recycled packaging.