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Cartomancy Reading

Cartomancy Reading

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I am a witch that worships mother earth and the moon. I have been reading tarot casually for over ten years. I have two tarot decks and an oracle deck that I use regularly.

Here I am offering two types of readings. One is a general message. Without knowing anything about you, I will do whatever reading I am lead to and message you with the findings.

The other is similar, where you can ask one question that I will use the spirits (via my cards) to divine an answer for. That answer will again be typed up and sent to you digitally.

The reading information and interpretation can be physically mailed to you for a slight increase in fee. 

Finally, my cat and familiar Tiggy can choose the deck and cards for the reading. It is the most expensive option, as I will send you a video file of her picking the cards for me, in addition to the written interpretation. 

Other types of readings can be negotiated via message. I look forward to hearing from you.

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